Our Story


Urban Lov is composed by my Sister and I, we had been talking and dreaming for years about building something together, but living in different countries, each with their life and work, leaving every time that dream always behind.

 In 2016, we made the decision to take risks and start from scratch, my sister came to live in the United States and I quit my job. And why not? If we knew deep in our hearts, that it was more what we were going to win, than what we could lose. And so, we started with just one decision, because we did not even know what we were going to undertake, what we were going to do. 

 We went through many ideas like, Shoes for girls, Toys for children, products for the home, where we contacted suppliers, we studied the market, we asked for samples, but we did not like anything, because we did not want to resell, what we really wanted was to create something that would generate beautiful emotions to every person who knew our products.

 Today, after two years we realize that all those experiences lived separately, helped us to start this adventure together and to be able to make our dream comes true of using our hands and imagination to create and decorate with different motifs, colors and textures these beautiful handmade palm leaf and other natural materials handbags, made by incredibly talented people from different regions of the world such as Colombia, Morocco and Venezuela. And this is how little by little we have had the fortune of meeting and allying ourselves with different craft suppliers that bring that unique touch of our handbags decorated in palm leaf.


 Welcome to our store, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.